"City Shards" Limited Edition Paper/Canvas Print

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This piece was inspired by two things: some sketches I did a while back where I tried to bring parts of cities together and also the overall state of things in the world these days.  

Everything feels so fractured and unsteady right now with pandemics, social unrest, and political strife. I wanted to be honest about that, but I also wanted to be honest about the fact that things don't have to stay in pieces.  Our cities, towns, and countries may feel broken in the moment , but at the end of the day, the pieces can always be put back together.

Featuring the London Skyline

Paper Print (unframed): 1m x 25cm

Edition Size: 50

Paper Print (Framed & Mounted): ~1.1m x 35cm

Choose from a black or white frame.  (White mounting for each)


Canvas prints are Limited edition high resolution scanned artworks printed on 440gsm archival canvas - ready to hang!

Unframed Boxed Canvas Print: 1.2m x 30cm

Edition Size: 25

Unframed Showpiece Sized Boxed Canvas Print: 1.8m x 60cm

Edition Size: 5

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